Forex license

Forex global market daily trading volume is over 6.3€ trillion. Worth fighting for a slice?

Why Forex

The license is one of the determining criteria for traders when choosing a Forex broker.

Forex global market daily trading volume is over 6.3€ trillion.

Why we

Our company based in Estonia and licened with Operating license in a field of Service of trust funds and companies. So, at least, we know what we are doing.

We offer not just a company registration, but an end-to-end business solution, including reliable members of the board, accountants and bank accounts. All for a fixed, transparent, periodical fee.

Our many years of experience in providing AML specialists and other personnel for crypto-licensed companies, speaks of the high quality of the service we provide.

As well as confidence in how to set up the work of the company, including hired staff on the board and safe work with bank accounts for the beneficiary.

Choose jurisdiction

  • Seychelles
    Securities dealer license
    Setup fee:
  • Mauritius
    Investment Dealer License
    Setup fee:
  • Labuan
    Money Broking License
    Setup fee:
  • Vanuatu
    Securities Dealer License
    Setup fee:
  • Comoros
    International Brokerage & Clearing House License
    Setup fee:
  • Dubai
    DIFC Category 3A License
    Setup fee:
  • Kenya
    Forex Broker License (Online Foreign Exchange Broker License)
    Setup fee:
  • South Africa
    Financial Service Provider License
    Setup fee:
  • Cayman Islands
    Securities Investment Business License (SIBL)
    Setup fee:
  • Bermuda
    Investment Business License
    Setup fee:

Official requirements

Show only chosen jurisdiction
License nameSecurities dealer license
Permitted Activities
  • Securities Market Making
  • Securities Brokerage
  • Securities Dealing
  • Investment Advisory
  • Portfolio Management
Permitted Securities
  • Primary Equities
  • Primary Debt Instruments
  • Derivative Instruments:
    • futures
    • options
    • forwards
    • contracts
    • CFDs
    • Swaps
    • Equities
    • Bonds
    • Metals
    • Commodities
    • Currencies including cryptocurrency
ДеятельностьThe current prescribed minimum issued and paid up capital required is 50,000$.
Members of the boardThe licensee will need at least 2 natural person directors of any jurisdiction
ShareholdersThe licensee will need at least 2 shareholders and a corporate shareholding is allowed.
Other requirementsA local office in Seychelles

Services included

Legal entity
Legal entity in a corresponding form (Seychelles). Private persons or another company may be registered as shareholders.
Forex license
End-to-end legal support for obtaining a fx-license.
State fee
Company registration state fee is included. License application fee is included.
AML/KYC document
Internal control system document for ensuring compliance with the control requirements of AML/CFT and international Sanctions.
Corporate documents
Incorporation documents, including information about members of the board and shareholders. License status document.
Legal address
Legal address (Seychelles), for a period of 12 months.
12 months
Bookkeeping service for a period for 1 month.
1 month
Initial consultation
Initial consultation regarding the best practices within license and taxes.

Detailed roadmap

Shareholder is a private person
For example, if you make a prepayment tomorrow 2.05.2023
  • Prepayment

    We issue an invoice, and you make a 50% prepayment + pay for all chosen additional services in full.

  • Documents from your side

    From shareholder
    • Copy of passport main page, notarized;
    • Power of attorney, notarized and sworn-translated into english (we will provide you a template);
    • Proof of residential address;
    • Certificate of a good conduct.
    • Description of the planned business activity.
  • Neccesary preparations

    Our lawyers make all the preparations:

    • Ensure proposed company name is available to register
    • Establish a legal entity (Seychelles) with a desired name
    • Assign a legal address to a company
    • Write an Internal Control System document*
    • Fill all the neccesary forms, required for a license application

    * Internal Control System document - is a core document for license application. It regulates how you ensure compliance with the control requirements of AML/CFT and International Sanctions.

    ~5 working days
  • You pay the rest 50% at this point

  • Finishing touches

    • We assign to company a valid AML officer
    • Onboard members of the board
    • Open a corporate bank account in EU payment institution
    • Rent a physical office for your company, if it is required
    ~5 working days
  • Share capital increase

    Share capital must be contributed in the amount specified for your type of license.

    ~3 working days
  • Application submission

    We submit an application to a corresponding department.

  • License issuance

    If there was no indication of deficiencies, the license is granted.

    ~4 months
All indicated time frames are illustrative. The timing may depend on many factors, such as but not limited to: the number of public holidays, the time of delivery by courier, the workload of government departments. We do not take responsibility for the delays beyond our control.

Extra services

  • AML specialist
    AML specialist. Person with experience in financial sector and corresponding education.
  • Member of the board
    Member of the board. Person with experience in financial sector and corresponding education.
  • Office
    Local physical office. Office meets all crypto-license requirements.
  • Audit
    Financial audit by sworn auditor.
  • Bookkeeping
    Bookkeeping service.
  • Consultation
    Additional consultation regarding the best practices in crypto-related activity and taxes.

In total

Forex license (Seychelles):


Additional services:




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