Electronic Money Institution

EMI license in Lithuania is a profitable tool, increasing the prospects of your business's growth and development

Allowed activities

  • Payment services/money remittance
    Payment services/money remittance
    In and out
  • Fiat currency exchange
    Fiat currency exchange
  • Issuance of E-money
    Issuance of E-money
    Opening multicurrency accounts, e-wallets
  • Lending to businesses and individual
    Lending to businesses and individual
  • Deposits to businesses and individuals
    Deposits to businesses and individuals
  • Investment services, clearing, securities emissions
    Investment services, clearing, securities emissions
  • EU Passporting to provide services in all EU countries
    EU Passporting to provide services in all EU countries
  • Payments System by Central Bank
    Payments System by Central Bank
    For EUR settlement in SEPA area


Every company engaged in issuing electronic currency in Lithuania must obtain an EMI license to legally operate in this jurisdiction. Having a license will allow offline/online payments, providing sub-accounts within a bank account, creating electronic wallets, providing individual IBANs, and transferring money to foreign accounts.

Holders of a Lithuanian license are allowed to provide the above services in the European Economic Area (EEA) without having to obtain an additional license in another EEA state. This license is passported for these activities, which allows you to work in other states. In addition, an entrepreneur may obtain a limited EMI license and provide its services only in Lithuania. In this case, certain restrictions may apply to the company's turnover.

Advantages of a Lithuanian EMI license

  • Relatively fast and simple procedure for obtaining an EMI license.
  • Customers can obtain a personal IBAN
  • Possibility of SWIFT transfers
  • Remote opening of payment accounts for individuals and legal entities
  • The company can issue Visa or MasterCard payment cards
  • The company can transfer payments with global banks in different currencies
  • The company can make its own payment decisions and open accounts. In addition, correspondent accounts around the world
  • Providing services for cash deposit or withdrawal and all transactions necessary for payment account operation.
  • An extremely attractive tax system with relatively low taxes ranks 6th in the international ranking of Tax competitiveness
  • The duration of the license is not limited to time.
  • Passporting the license to other EU countries.
  • All documents can be submitted in English. In addition, the jurisdiction of Lithuania complies with EU norms and therefore does not require in-depth research.
  • Ability to conduct customer checks remotely as part of KYC procedures, through video link, digital signature, or electronic copies of documentation.
  • Virtually no fines in the first year of the institution

Requirements table

Share capitalThe minimum share capital of 350,000 euros (no share capital requirement for a restricted license)
Finances originProof of origin and receipt of finances are required
OfficeOpening of a local office is required
Bank accountLithuanian bank account must be opened
AMLEligible AML officer should be available
ReputationImpeccable reputation of the companys beneficiaries
EducationA director or manager must have higher education in law or economics, management or business administration, and have an impeccable reputation, competence, and practical experience as the head of the institution.
ResidencyThere must be at least one individual among the shareholders, Lithuanian residency is not required. The main requirement is the age over 18 and impeccable business reputation.

Documents table

Charter of the payment institution
Corporate documents
Company requisites
Detailed business plan
Action program and activity structure
Proof of minimum share capital
Bank account
Founders passports and certificate of registration
A detailed description of the generally accepted measures to protect and regulate clients funds
Local office lease agreement
Criminal records of all beneficiaries
Description of the use of internal management controls, including administrative procedures, risk management procedures, and accounting procedures
Description of the internal management control mechanism for the performance of duties to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing
Description of company policies: customer funds protection measures, risk and accounting controls, AML, organizational structures, and branches

Detailed roadmap

For example, if you make a prepayment tomorrow 2.05.2023
  • Preliminary assessment of the project

    Preliminary analysis of the client prepares for the initial meeting with the Bank of Lithuania, which includes:
    • Analysis of the documents that client have on hands
    • Preparation of materials for the meeting with the Bank of Lithuania
    • Preparation for initial meeting with representatives of the Bank of Lithuania
    • Representing the client on the initial meeting with the bank of Lithuania
    ~3 weeks
  • Pre-Licensing process

    After the successful meeting with Bank of Lithuania conducts pre-licensing process which includes the following:
    • General consulting regarding the EMI licensing process
    • Initial assessment for infrastructure require
    • Preparation of (a) Business plan (b) Program of Operations (c) preliminary Financial Forecasts
    • Shareholders and Group Companies Due Diligence
    • Local Company Formation and assistance with Bank account opening for share capital contribution
    • Human resource (at least 4 employees shall be in Lithuania) -assistance in essential staff recruitment process; drafting employment agreements
    • Premises search (HQ should be based in Lithuania)
    ~2 months
  • Licensing

    Preparation of legal, financial and IT documents (non-exhaustive list):
    • Description of the Management Structure
    • Compliance documentation (AML/KYC/KYT etc.)
    • Financial documentation and forecasts
    • Operational Risk Procedures
    • IT Procedures
    Application for the license
    • Submission of the application for the license
    • Representation and guiding through the entire licensing process
    • Payment of the state fees
    ~4 months
  • Infrastructure set-up

    The stage is necessary for the license holder to be fully operative and be capable of initiating activity. Deliverables include the following:
    • Setup of IT Systems -mediation in finding an IT system supplier and/ or facilitation of IT; system development to meet EMI License requirements
    • Compliance – consulting and training of employees on KYC process, AML and terrorist financing check tools according to the specs of the project
    • Banking Partner – to meet the requirements on clients funds segregation, provide FX and/or cross-border transfers, and other financial services
    ~2 months
  • Maintenance and add-ons

    This stage is necessary to support and maintain the structure and includes:
    • Accounting services
    • Auditing
    • Opening of safeguarding accounts
    • Connection to SWIFT payment scheme
    • Agreement for the issuing own brand MasterCard cards
    • BIC/SWIFT and LEI codes acquisition
    • Reporting to Central Bank on the regularly basis
    • Applying for activity in other jurisdictions (incl. passporting)
    • Consulting on the arising issues from Central Bank
All indicated time frames are illustrative. The timing may depend on many factors, such as but not limited to: the number of public holidays, the time of delivery by courier, the workload of government departments. We do not take responsibility for the delays beyond our control.

Extra services

  • Consultation
    Additional consultation regarding the best practices in business activity and taxes in a selected jurisdiction.

In total

Basic cost:


Additional services:



from 45,000€

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