Company incorporation
in Albania

With a nominee service and ready-to-go bank account

Why in

It could be tax rates or more convenient taxes structure, that better fits your business model.

The jurisdiction itself could be a reason for your company location. For example you want to participate in a local state programs or it is even a requirement to open account in a certain bank.

Regardless of the reasons, you have a right to run your business wherever you want. And we are here to help you.

Why we

Our company based in Estonia and licened with Operating license in a field of Service of trust funds and companies. So, at least, we know what we are doing.

We offer not just a company registration, but an end-to-end business solution, including reliable member of the board, accountant and bank account. All for a fixed, transparent, annual fee.

Our many years of experience in providing AML specialists and other personnel for crypto-licensed companies, speaks of the high quality of the service we provide.

As well as confidence in how to set up the work of the company, including hired staff on the board and safe work with bank accounts for the beneficiary.

Tax rates

Corporate taxMaximum income tax rateStandard VAT rate
Austria25%55%20% (reduced rates 10% + 13%)
Belgium25%. For SME (small and medium enterprises) 20% on the first 100,000€ profit50% (excluding 13.07% social security paid by the employee and also excluding 32% social security paid by the employer)21% (reduced rates of 6% and 12%)
Bosnia and Herzegovina10%10%17%
Bulgaria10%40.8% (10% income tax + additional 12.9% by the employee for social security contributions, i.e. health insurance, pension and unemployment fund); and additional 17.9% by the employer for various social security contributions)20% (reduced rates 9%)
Croatia18% (reduced rate 12% for small business)40% (excluding 35.2% total sum of insurances levied on income)25% (reduced rates 13% + 5%)
Cyprus12.5%35%19% (reduced rates 5% + 9%)
Czech Republic19%53.5% (15% income tax + 6.5% by employee + 25% by employer (2.3% healthcare + 21.5% social security + 1.2% state policy of employment) + 7% solidarity contribution (assuming income is above 1 277 328 CZK per year))21% (reduced rates of 15% and 10%)
Denmark22%56% (including 8% social security paid by the employee but excluding 0.42–1.48% church tax imposed on members of the national Church of Denmark)25% (reduced rate 0% on transportation of passengers and newspapers normally published at a rate of more than one issue per month)
Estonia20% on distributed profit. 14% on regular distribution. 0% on undistributed profits57.8% (20% income tax + 2.4% of unemployment insurance tax, 0.8% paid by employer, 1.6% paid by employee and 33% social security which is paid before gross wage by employer), around 57.8% in total20% (reduced rate 9%)
Finland20%67% to 25% depending on the net income and municipality, including 7.8% social insurance fees, employee unemployment payment and employer unemployment payment24% (reduced rate of 14% for groceries and restaurants, 10% for books, medicine, transport of passengers and some others)
France30% (including social contributions)49% (45% + 4% for annual incomes above 250,000€ for single taxpayers or above 500,000€ for married couples) + social security and social contribution taxes at various rates, for example 17.2% for capital gains, interests and dividends.20% (reduced rate of 10%, 5.5%, 2.1% and 0% for specific cases like some food, transportation, cultural goods, etc.)
Germany22.825% (few small villages) to 32.925% (in Munich) depending on the municipality. This includes the 15% CIT, 5.5% solidarity surcharge plus the trade tax payable to the municipality.47.475% which includes 45% income tax and 5.5% solidarity surcharge based on the total tax bill for incomes above 256,304€. The entry tax rate is 14% for incomes exceeding the basic annual threshold of 9,000€.19% (reduced rate of 7% applies e.g. on sales of certain foods, books and magazines, flowers and transports)
Georgia15% (0% for Virtual Zone Companies or Free Industrial Zone entity)20% (Special tax rates for Small Businesses are applied following approval of the Small Business Status: 1%, On turnover up to 500,000 GEL per year, Or 3%, applied to the portion of gross revenue that exceeds 500,000 GEL.)18%
Greece24%65.67% (45% for >40,000€ + 7.5% Solidarity Tax for >40000€ + 26.95% Social Security for employees or up to 47.95% for private professionals)24% (reduced rates 13% and 5%)
Hungary9%43.16% (employee: 33.5% of gross salary; employer: 17% in addition to gross salary (15.5% Social Tax, 1.5% Training Fund Contribution)27% (reduced rates 18% and 5%)
Iceland20%36.94% from 0-834,707 and 46.24% over 834,707 kr24% (12% reduced rate)
Ireland12.5% for trading income, 25% for non-trading income40% over 34,550€ for single, 42,800€ for married taxpayers. Plus USC (Universal Social Charge) 4.5% on income up to 50,170€ and 8% on balance. Social insurance 4%23%
Isle of Man0%20% plus national insurance of under 12.8%20% (reduced rate of 5% for home energy and renovations, 0% for life necessities - groceries, water, prescription medications, medical equipment and supplies, public transport, childrens clothing, books and periodicals)
Italy27.9% (24% plus 3.9% municipal)45.83% (43% income tax + 2.03% regional income tax + 0.8% municipal income tax)22% (reduced rates 10%, 5%, 4%)
Latvia20% on distributed profit. 0% on undistributed profits. 15% on small businesses20% (income tax), 35.09% (social insurance), total up to 55.09%21% (reduced rates 12% and 0%)
Liechtenstein12.5%28% (max. 8% national and 20% municipal income tax) plus 4% of the taxpayer net worth is subject to the same rate as wealth tax. 0% on capital gains.7.7%/2.5%
Lithuania15% (5% for small businesses)44.27% (effective tax rates: 34.27% social insurance (nominally it is 1.77% payable by employer + 19.5% payable by employee + from 1.8% to 3% optional accumulation of pence), 20% income)21% (reduced rates 5%, 9%)
Luxembourg24.94% (commercial activity); 5.718% on intellectual property income, royalties.45.78% (42% income tax + 9% solidarity surcharge calculated on the income tax)17% (reduced rates 3%, 8%, 14%)
North Macedonia10%37% (includes income tax 10%, mandatory state pension 18%, mandatory public health insurance 7.3%, mandatory unemployment insurance 1.2%, mandatory personal injury insurance 0.5%)18%
Malta35% (6/7 or 5/7 tax refunds gives an effective rate of 5% or 10% for most companies)35% (additional 10% by the employee for social security contributions, i.e. health insurance, pension and education); and additional 10% by the employer for various social security contributions)18% (reduced rates 5%, 7% and 0% for life necessities - groceries, water, prescription medications, medical equipment and supplies, public transport, childrens education fees)
Monaco0% (>75% revenue within Monaco) or 33.33%
Montenegro9%12.65% (11% income tax + 15% of the income tax bill to the municipality)21%
Netherlands25% above 200,000€ of profit and otherwise 16.5%49.5% (excluding discount for incomes up to 98,604€)21% (reduced rate of 9% and 0% for some goods and services)
Norway22%46.4% (53.0% including 14.1% social security contribution by employer. All taxes include 8.2% pension fund payments).25% (reduced rate of 15% for groceries, and 10% for transport and culture)
Poland19% (reduced rate 9% for small business)17% up to 120,000 zł, 32% above 120,000 zł (~25,000 euro)23% (reduced rates of 5% and 8%)
Portugal21% + 3 to 9% depending on profit48% + 5% solidarity surcharge + 11% social security (paid by the employee) + 23.75% (social security paid by the company)23% (reduced rates 13% and 6%)
RomaniaRevenue <1m€: 1% of all sales, revenue >1m€: 16% on profitEmployee: 41.5% - Gross incomes below RON 3,600 benefit from personal deductions of up to RON 1,310 from taxable income, employer: 2.25% (compulsory work insurance)19% (reduced rates of 9% and 5%)
Serbia15%52%20% (10% reduced rate)
Slovakia21%50% (income tax 19% + 25% for the part of annual income >35,022.31€; additional contributions at 4% mandatory health insurance by employee and 10% by employer, 9.4% Social Security by employee and 25.2% by employer)20% (10% reduced rate)
Slovenia19%50%22% (reduced rate 9.5%)
Spain25%, 4% in the Canary Islands45% maximum Income tax rate. Not including employee contribution of 6.35% Social Security tax, 4.7% pension contribution tax, 1.55% unemployment tax, 0.1% worker training tax. Not including employer contribution of 23.6% Social security tax, 5.5% unemployment tax, 3.5% (or more) workers comp tax, worker training tax .06%, 0.2% FOGASA tax (employment tax in case of company bankruptcy).21% (reduced rates 10% and 4%)
Sweden22%55.5% (not including payroll taxes of 31.42%)25% (reduced rates 12% and 6%)
Switzerland16.55%22.5% (Kanton Zug, Gemeinde Walchwil) to 46% (Kanton Geneve), average rate 34%. These taxes do not include social security that is private and not income-based7.7%/2.5%
United Kingdom19%47% (45% income tax + 2% NI) - theoretically, NI could reach 12%, but in practice it is never combined with the higher income tax rate20% (reduced rate of 5% for home energy and renovations, 0% for life necessities - groceries, water, prescription medications, medical equipment and supplies, public transport, childrens clothing, books and periodicals)

Services included

Legal entity
Legal entity in a selected jurisdiction and in a selected form (for example: private limited company). Private persons or another company may be registered as shareholders.
Member of the board
Member of the board (director), hired for 12 months.
12 months
Bank account
Business bank account, ready-to-go.
Notary fee
Notary fee is included. State fee for the incorporation is not included.
Corporate documents
Incorporation documents, including information about members of the board and shareholders.
Legal address, for a period of 12 months.
12 months
Bookkeeping service for a period for 12 months.
12 months
Initial consultation
Initial consultation regarding the best practices in business activity and taxes, in a selected jurisdiction.

Step by step roadmap

Shareholder is a private person
For example, if you make a prepayment tomorrow 3.05.2022
  • Prepayment

    We issue an invoice, and you make a 50% prepayment + pay for all chosen additional services in full.

  • Documents from your side

    From shareholder
    • Copy of passport main page, notarized;
    • Power of attorney, notarized and sworn-translated into english (we will provide you a template);
    • Proof of residential address.
    • Brief description of the planned business activity.
  • Neccesary preparations

    Our lawyers make all the preparations:

    • Ensure proposed company name is available to register in a chosen jurisdiction
    • Fill all the required incorporational forms
    • Sign a contract* with nominal member of the board
    • Select a local legal address for a company
    • Execute additional preparational work, if it is required in a chosen jurisdiction
    • Book the nearest notary appointment

    * In countries where nominal service is forbidden, managing service is offered instead, in order to meet the local law requirements.

    ~10 working days
  • You pay the rest 50% at this point + company incorporation fee

  • Finishing touches

    • We open a business bank account for your company
    • Assign a bookkeeper
    • Fulfill other our obligations arising from the selected additional services
    ~5 working days
  • Share capital increase

    Share capital must be contributed, in case it is required in a chosen jurisdiction.

    ~3 working days
  • Company is ready to go

    Your company is ready to go. We will provide you an initial consultation on your rights and obligations on financial/legal field.

All indicated time frames are illustrative. The timing may depend on many factors, such as but not limited to: the number of public holidays, the time of delivery by courier, the workload of government departments. We do not take responsibility for the delays beyond our control.

Additional services

  • Member of the board
    Member of the board, bounded by the obligations arising from a signed contract. In countries where nominal service is forbidden, managing service is offered instead, in order to meet the local law requirements.
  • Additioanal bank account
    Additional business bank account, ready-to-go.
  • Office
    Physical office, reasonable size.
  • Bookkeeping
    Bookkeeping service.
  • EORI
    The Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number is a unique identification number used in the customs territory of the European Union and assigned to an economic operator or other person by a customs authority in order to register that person for customs purposes.
  • Consultation
    Additional consultation regarding the best practices in business activity and taxes in a selected jurisdiction.
  • VAT
    VAT (value-added tax) number.
  • Audit
    Financial audit by sworn auditor.

In total

Company with included services:


Additional services:




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